Apple Watch 3 Long Term Review: Six Months of Wrist Tan, Fitness, Music and More

In 2017, Apple launched the new iPhones including the iPhone X, and in the wearables space updated the Apple Watch. The new Apple Watch 3 was now GPS enabled and lasted longer than the Watch 2 and Watch series 1 by Apple. It also featured Apple’s fastest ever dual-core processor the S3 chipset and was water resistant up to 50 metres. Apple Watch is also one of the largest selling wearables device in the world and what makes it better than any Android Wear out there is its seamless experience with an iPhone and that too any iPhone. We at News18 Tech have been using the 42mm Apple Watch Series 3 with an aluminium case and a sports band for over six months now, and carriers in India like Airtel and Jio have announced that the Apple Watch Series 3 Cellular will be coming to India on May 11. So it was fitting to give you our experience of the Apple Watch Series 3 over a long-term use before we switch the Cellular variant of the Apple Watch. One of the main reasons for us to use the Apple watch was for its heart rate sensor and activity tracking and so far that is something that the Apple Watch does it the best among any other wearable gadget out there. So let’s tell you what all we liked about the Apple Watch Series 3 GPS and what all we didn’t. Also, we tell you whether you should buy the regular Apple Watch Series 3 or wait for the Cellular one on May 11.

Living a medium activity lifestyle, we set the Apple Watch Series 3 to a target of 400 cals a day, with 30 minutes of exercise time and a 12 hour of standing time. In our six months of setting that target and also sharing it with our other friends that had an Apple watch, out of 182 days we were only able to achieve the calorie burn target of 400 cals 123 times. That was also due to regular reminders that the watch kept on giving us to close that active calorie ring. That’s a success rate of more than 50% which is way more than any other wearable device that you use on a daily basis and not just as a fitness tracker. We also tried it with third-party apps like Strava for cycling and running and the data accuracy was very good to improve our fitness levels as well. The Activity app on an Apple Watch basically sets you three goals, move, stand and exercise. The move goal also calculates the calories that you burn in a day, the standing goal sees to it that you are not stuck to your desk all the time. The Watch 3 also reminds you to stand if it detects that you have been sitting for too long.

Messaging, Notification And Apps
Apple Watch Series 3 is also great for short conversations and replies to texts and email. Notifications pop up on the display of the watch for texts as well as emails. It also supports third-party apps like Gmail and Whatsapp. Of course, you can’t type a long message reply on the Watch 3 but if you are a frequent Siri user, that should also not be a problem. The App interface and switching between apps are also very easy as the crown on the Watch 3 is very intuitive and easy to use. You can also use the inbuilt camera app on the Apple Watch 3 to click images through your iPhone and it makes perfect sense for clicking family images with you in them. Apps like Google News and GoPro also work really well on the Apple Watch Series 3. Even for picking up calls when your iPhone is not far from your reach or if you are lazy is very seamless on the Apple Watch Series 3.

What’s Not So Cool?
Though we hardly ever felt the need to not use the Apple Watch Series 3, it did come with some problems of its own. Now, even if we are not keen to wear it every day, we are just forced too. The biggest reason for it is that the sports band is light on your wrist and as we were never compelled to use it only in short bursts, it did leave its mark on our wrist, literally.

Should You Buy One?
If you use an iPhone you will find that the Watch 3 is a natural extension of the entire iPhone experience. For athletes, swimmers and fitness enthusiasts it does make a lot of sense. For people who’s work rely on their handheld devices as well, the Apple Watch Series 3 makes a lot of sense. Siri integration is also something that people will love on the Watch 3 if they are using it on an iPhone. Also, the Watch 3 GPS is a more affordable option as well when compared to the Watch 3 Cellular that’s launching on May 11. If your iPhone is something that you carry around everywhere then the Watch 3 makes all the sense, but if you are the one who does not bother about where you have kept your phone and still would like to stay connected all the time, wait for the Watch 3 Cellular.

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